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40 Years of Window Cleaning Experience For Your St. Simons Property  

Window Doctors has been cleaning the windows for homes and commercial properties in St. Simons for over 40 years. We’ve got decades of experience to give your property a cleaning that you never thought possible. By the time we’re done, you’ll have never seen your home or business look so good. If you aren’t satisfied with our window cleaning service, we’ll pay for one of our competitors to come clean instead. That’s how confident we are that we’re the best in town.

Unlike many of our competitors, we're window cleaning specialists who can clean your windows year-round. We don't do power washing or painting. Most of our projects are for window cleaning, making us the most experienced window cleaning company in the Golden Isles. If you're looking for these other services, we can connect you to the best providers. But if you're looking for window cleaning, you'll find none better than Window Doctors.

Professional Cleaners

Our cleaners are fully-covered and insured for $1M

Quality Results

We guarantee our cleaning results for residential and commercial clients

Rain Guarantee

If the rain messes up our cleaning, we'll come back and fix it at a discount

Treat your property to the best window cleaning service money can buy! Tap on one of the buttons below and get your free estimate:

Window Cleaning


Making your windows shine & sparkle

At Window Doctors, we use purified water to clean your windows. Most of our work is done from the ground level to reduce the risk of damaging your property and injury. This also means that there is no danger of you having to get up on a ladder! Our customers trust our experience to work safely around their house, children, and pets. This means a stress free window cleaning experience for you!


"The staff is expedient and does an excellent job. Nancy follows up before and after service to ensure the customer is satisfied. I am very happy we have found such a good company to service our clients."

Michelle Hagin from St. Simons Island

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A few of our happy clients...

Gutter Cleaning

Clean gutters to protect your home

At Window Doctors, we can clean all of the debris and build-up that's been collecting in your gutters. Without a professional clean, you risk rot, foundation issues, and pests. Our cleaning will take care of all these issues, keeping you and your home healthy. When we're done, your gutters will not only look great — but water will flow freely instead of dripping into your home and causing cracks, mold, and other expensive problems.


"Extremely professional, courteous, friendly, and capable. Have used for 3 years now and will recommend to anyone."

Jane Prendergast from St.Simons Island

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A few more of our happy clients...

Hard Water Removal

Restoring your glass to a like-new level

Are your windows stained by water sources — such as your pool equipment or sprinkler — that you just can't get off? Hard water window damage is tough to get rid of without the help of a professional. If you're serious about getting rid of the hard water stains on your window or glass, Window Doctors has the technicians and expertise to carefully remove your toughest hard water damage.


"Awesome company. They were exactly on time and got the job done very quickly, even in the rain. Love the fact that I can actually see through my windows now. Highly recommend them."

Nancy B. from St. Simons Island

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A few more of our happy clients...

ChandElier / Light Cleaning

Lights that dazzle every time you turn them on

When's the last time you looked up at your chandeliers and were struck by their beauty? You want your chandeliers to look like they did when they were new — without having to risk your health by climbing up your ladder to clean them. We have the same expertise in making your lights shine bright. We'll clean your chandeliers without making a mess of your home so you can experience the joy of spotless, reflective lights that make your entire home or property look gorgeous.


"Extremely professional, courteous, friendly, and capable. Have used for three years now and will recommend to anyone."

Max Fitzgerald from St. Simons, GA

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A few more of our happy clients...

Solar Panel Cleaning

Experience more efficient energy with clean solar panels

Your solar panels are a target for dirt, dust, residues, pollution, algae, moss, bird droppings, etc. When your panel’s surface is dirty, it prevents the sun’s rays from filtering onto the panel’s photovoltaic cells, reducing efficiency. To clean your solar panels, Window Doctors uses ultra pure water, which does not contain any chemical that damage solar panels. It's just as effective as using a cleaning agent while costing less. Our cleaning process extends the life of your solar panels.


 ​ "I have been using Window Doctors for the last 20 years. Window Doctors does a professional job, EVERY time! They take the utmost care when inside my home, as well as around the foliage outside. I also have used them at my State Farm insurance office. No one ever knows that they are in there except for all the windows are glistening when they leave."

Maggie Dutton from St. Simons Island

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Why St. Simons Trust Window Doctors

At Window Doctors, our employees are trained, backround-checked and fully insured, including workers compensation that covers work performed on roofs and ladders. You can rest assured that all cleaners who come to your home or property have passed a thorough background check. And you can expect modest dress and a respectful, pleasant demeanour from any employee who performs your window cleaning service. Our attention to detail and passion for customer service are why Window Doctors has been trusted to clean the windows of more homes and businesses than anyone else. But don’t take it from us — read our reviews from over 2,000 satisfied neighbors on St. Simons Island, Sea Island, Jekyll Island and in Brunswick!

Our Story: We started out Window Doctors 30 years ago with nothing more than a ladder and a Volkswagen Rabbit. Over the years, we’ve spent countless hours cleaning. Then, we decided to specialize in window cleaning with the goal to provide the best possible service for residents of the Golden Isles. Now, our team has grown to 5 window cleaning specialists, along with our family-run office team. Our company is founded on going the extra mile to meet your specific needs — and making your feel proud of your property once again.

Ready to enjoy your home or property like you never have before? Tell us about your window cleaning needs and we’ll provide you with a free estimate!

Meet the Window Doctors Team:

Chad of Window Doctors

Chad came to Window Doctors with one goal, to be an expert at the trade, and he has crushed everyone's expectations! He is now a master window cleaner. Chad is a crew leader and has trained many other window cleaning technicians. When Chad is not cleaning windows, he loves being outdoors. If you need to survive in the woods, he’s the man you would want with you.

Max of Window Doctors

Max is the computer guru at Window Doctors. If you have any tech issues, Max will swoop in to save the day. By day Max is best recognized by his floppy hat and sunglasses. After work Max loses the hat, and now he looks like he should be in a GQ magazine. He also loves to spend quality time with his wife and little girl.

Max of Window Doctors

Mike came to Window Doctors from Arkansas, where he cleaned windows for a few years. Mike is the dreamer at Window Doctors, always thinking of new and inventive ways to do things. Don’t be surprised if Mike invents a window cleaning tool and becomes a millionaire. Hopefully he'll remember all of us when that happens!

Ted of Window Doctors

Ted comes to Window Doctors from the northwest and is the newest member of the family. Ted is extremely detail oriented, which is good if you’re a window cleaner. He won't leave a window until it has been thoroughly examined and there are no spots left. If Ted goes missing, he’s probably inspecting a window! After a hard day at work, he uses those peepers to read a good book or watch a movie.

Jared of Window Doctors

Jared has his own window cleaning and lawn care business in Florida. However, he does come up to help out our team in our busy season. We all met Jared when we were volunteering to clean a large auditorium in Jacksonville, and we instantly became good friends. We're very grateful that Jared is able to help us out. And one more cool thing about Jared is that he always has a big smile. And being around somebody that smiles makes everybody happy.

Rachel of Window Doctors

Rachael started cleaning windows with Window Doctors when we had a team of girls working with us. We still have customers to this day (mostly men) who ask, “What happened to the girls?” Well Rachael is back with Window Doctors in the office. She helps keep Window Doctors running like a well-oiled machine. When she has spare time, she spends it with her son and hanging out with friends. She is also a spice girl! No, not one of the singers. She likes hot and spicy food.

Nancy of Window Doctors

Nancy is the voice of Window Doctors. Scheduling is her Bag, Baby! Nancy can maneuver a schedule like nobody’s business. She can usually help you figure out the best day and time for your window cleaning service. Nancy has a big heart and loves animals, so she is always taking in stray dogs and cats. She also has adopted all the guys that come to work for our team, so that we are a big family. If anyone has a problem, she’s there to listen. So, then we could also say she is the ears of Windows Doctors.

Jim of Window Doctors

Jim started cleaning windows when he was 18 in St. Louis, Missouri. After seeing there was a need for a professional window cleaner in the Golden Isles, and he really needed a job, he decided to start Window Doctors. Jim has created a business where clients and staff are treated with respect and much care. He also enjoys watching a good sci-fi movie every now and again. Jim and Nancy spend many hours in the volunteer work helping those that have been affected by disasters and working on building projects. Once a year, the entire team volunteers to clean the windows at a large coliseum in preparation for a religious gathering.

Seaweed of Window Doctors

Seaweed is the company mascot. He started with Window Doctors at 10 weeks old. He likes to go on bids with Jim. However, it seems he prefers staying in the office with the girls sleeping on the couch or his big chair. Then every few hours, he gets up and drops a slobbery ball on their desk waiting for them to toss it back. At the end the day, he runs out to greet and help the guys clean out any leftover food in their vans and pickup any towels they might drop. When he’s not busy working, he loves to swim, hike, and play with children. He also likes to go to Home Depot where everybody knows him by name. Seaweed also trains any new employees there by showing them where the bones are located. He’s a beloved member of the team at Window Doctors.

window doctors guaranteed window cleaning services
Our Unmatched Window Cleaning Guarantee
We stand by our window cleaning work. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your windows, we'll pay for a competitor to come by and clean them instead. We make sure to exceed your expectations — for windows so clean, you'll swear they were see-through!
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